Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury is delighted to have designed and manufactured another innovative lidding solution for the capsules used in Unilever’s T.O by Lipton revolutionary tea machine. This follows Unilever’s decision to invest in and add a new limited edition tea capsule variant to their already extensive range.

The T.O by Lipton™, which was launched last year, is the result of 5 years R&D by brand-owner, Unilever and is entirely different to any other product on the market.

All the capsules have perforated alufoil lids, specially designed and produced by Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury, which are critical to the operation of the machine. Its two prongs puncture the carefully placed perforations on the lids, allowing water to be ‘injected’ through one side and forcing the tea leaves out of the other side into the brewing chamber to infuse. There are also different lid sizes for the various different blends which contribute to setting the brewing cycle time and water temperature for that particular variety; as the machine can sense the different lid sizes and adapt its settings accordingly.

When we first started working on this high profile product we were presented with a number of unique challenges, including:

•    the perforations had to be easily punctured, yet robust enough to protect the integrity of the capsule;
•    the lids required a very tightly-controlled tolerance, as the exact position of the perforations determines the functionality of the machine and the brewing process;
•    the alufoil lids required a premium look and feel;
•    and a guarantee that the lids could be totally immersed in the product during the brewing process, safe for human consumption.

The fact that the product has been such a huge success and we continue to add new lines is testament to our commitment and technical expertise.

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