We’re delighted that our unique coding on pre-cut lids will further facilitate Yeo Valley’s promotions and customer loyalty programme, with the recent decision to apply the coding to their ice cream product range.

The unique coding concept was first developed four years ago and Yeo Valley, the largest organic dairy brand in the UK, were quick to identify an opportunity to use  this on their product range to run product competitions and more recently a point based loyalty scheme. It remains the only print technology of its type to be used in the UK dairy market.

At Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury we print a unique 14 character code on the surface of every polyester lid which is then sealed onto special packs of Yeo Valley’s dairy products.

All the unique codes are printed on the surface of the lids to ensure the printing ink does not contaminate the product.  For most of the products, the code is covered by the design and is only revealed when the polyester lid is peeled back,  however with the ice cream products the code is revealed when the outer lid is opened.

Customers enter these codes online to collect a virtual currency, called ‘Yeokens’, which can be exchanged for a host of different offers on their website.

The printing technology we’ve developed for Yeo Valley is enabling them to get closer to their customers and reward them for their loyalty.  As a company they have made a long-term commitment to unique coding and are confident that it will reap rewards for their business.

If you’re looking for new ideas to help with branding or product promotion on your pre-cut lids, we would love to hear from you so please get in touch. We also offer unique coding on our shrink sleeves range. Find out more here