A record 400,000 people signed up to Veganuary this year – a term that wasn’t in the English psyche until fairly recently – compared to 250,000 in 2019, 168,500 in 2018 and just 3,300 five years ago.

In 2018 the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation globally and in the same year the plant based market in the UK was valued at £440,000,000 and growing. In the last five years the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled to 600,000 people and it is predicted that by 2025 vegans will form a quarter of the UK population.

But what does this growing appetite for plant based food mean for packaging companies like Chadwicks?

Ken Dunlop, Sales Manager at Chadwicks, explains: “As you would expect the industry is experiencing a significant rise in the number of new product launches in the vegan category from the big brands and major supermarkets. We’re also seeing a growing number of vegan start-ups launching new product lines and looking to source innovative, vegan-friendly packaging solutions.

“Most importantly for Chadwicks as a packaging supplier of pre-cut lids we have to ensure product integrity. It is essential that we manufacture to special requirements to ensure that our products can be certified as 100 percent free from animal derivatives. This includes everything from our manufacturing processes to the material and ink that we use. For this reason, we work with reputable, trusted suppliers who share our values and adhere to the same strict set of vegan-friendly standards as ourselves.”

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