As concerns grow around the environment, more and more companies are looking for sustainable packaging solutions that demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment and responding to changing consumer demands.

Aluminium lidding is an appealing option for sustainable packaging as it is a completely recyclable and endlessly renewable material – the quality of the aluminium foil is not affected by the recycling process. Foil lids can be labelled as ‘widely recycled’ under the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme, which according to OPRL is recognised by more than 7 in 10 consumers.

Although the production of virgin aluminium is energy-intensive, increased collection and recycling rates for aluminium means that less new aluminium is required – according to data from the European Alufoil Association, it is estimated that 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use. It is also estimated that 65 percent of all aluminium packaging in Europe is recycled, and 52 percent in the UK.

In Europe around half of the aluminium produced originates from recycled materials.

In addition to the sustainability and recycling benefits of aluminium, foil lidding provides absolute barrier protection against moisture, light, oxygen and contamination ensuring the integrity of the product inside, and making it suitable for food and beverage products, including dairy. Its excellent sealability properties means its capable of sealing to all types of material including PP, PE and PET, and most recently glass.

In terms of branding and shelf appeal, the metallic appearance of the lidding can be integrated into the design to create eye-catching effects and also allows for special purpose lidding.

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