At Chadwicks we continue to produce high quality shrink sleeves for customers and brands across the globe.

Printed shrink sleeves have become popular within the beverage, dairy and food industries, but also within non-food sectors.

The flexibility of shrink sleeves as a packaging and marketing medium mean that they are being used for an increasing variety of applications.

Shrink sleeving allows customers better branding opportunities all the way around the product on small and medium sized containers. They also offer the additional benefit of tamper evidence while improving the look and feel of packaging by providing a premium feel.

Base materials including PVC, OPS, PET and PLA provide flexibility and allow customers the opportunity to use generic primary packaging to reduce costs with the sleeves becoming the vehicle for product differentiation and branding.

Shrink sleeves are applied and then shrink to the contours of the container when heat is applied. Printed sleeves can be applied to almost any shape of container offering increased opportunities for brands to select more interesting shapes.

Within Chadwicks’ production facility shrink sleeves are produced and printed using UV Flexo with up to 8 colour print, as well as combinations of printing techniques.

With growing demand for recycled products and a need to make recycling easy, Chadwicks has embraced the challenge and continues to push the boundaries. By working very closely with material suppliers the company has access to substrates that contain increased percentages of post consumer waste and plastic alternatives.

In fact, Chadwicks can now supply shrink sleeves that contain 30 percent post consumer recycled content material. Popular with environmentally conscious brands, the Rpet shrink sleeve material offers reduced resource intensity and a lower carbon footprint. Film clarity and gloss levels remain the same and there is no difference in shrink properties compared to standard material.

Alastair Bearman, Sales and Marketing Director said; “Shrink Sleeves offer a fantastic combination of quality and functionality that lots of brands consider to be the best packaging for their brand. They are viewed as a premium solution that adds value to the look and feel of many products and should be considered as they are very price competitive.”

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