Certain products, particularly non-food items, require a specialist lidding solution such as recess lids which offer easy application and are 100 percent tamper proof.

Recess lids are predominantly used for non-food, high value products in the agricultural, equine, marine and chemical sectors where product security is essential and production volumes are relatively low. The seal locates itself on the neck of the bottle or container rather than through mechanical means. Recessed seals are therefore ideal for manual processing with hand sealers although can also be used in conjunction with automated packing lines.

The recess also reduces the head space in the packaging so there is less oxygen and potentially improved shelf life.

Different shapes, sizes and materials are available and can take the form of WELD seals or peelable seals depending on the container material and chosen specification.

Paul Whelan, Technical Manager at Chadwicks, explains: “Companies that have low volume, oil-based or hazardous products can really benefit from using a recess lid. For example, we have a UK based customer that was exporting their product to Europe and the US, but had major issues with the product leaking as it turns liquid when warm. Applying a recess seal eliminated the problem with ZERO leakers.”

Chadwicks can also offer a modified recess designed for hot fill applications. These lids allow for contraction during the cooling process so it is the lid that contracts and not the container, reducing ‘panelling’ on the containers and preventing distortion.

If you think our recess lidding might be right for your product, please get in touch. A member of our customer service or technical team will be happy to advise you on the best solution.