virtual proofingIn these unprecedented times we have all had to find new ways of working and the packaging sector is no exception.

Prior to Covid-19 Chadwicks had never considered carrying out a customer print approval remotely, only ever having done them on-site. And yet last week at the request of a customer that is exactly what the team successfully did using WhatsApp.

The print and colour standards were generated and presented to the client via video call.  They were then sent photographs of the print and proof of the colour accuracy via Chadwicks’ ‘press check digital pantone library standard’.

Although logistically trying to replicate accurate colour representation on a mobile phone device is challenging, the approach worked and allowed the customer to approve the print with confidence.


Francesca Ross from The Collective says: “A press pass is the only way that you can be 100 percent confident with the finished product but, given the current situation the safety of our employees and those of Chadwicks’ was our priority.  Together we found a way to adapt and we are delighted with the end result.”