Covid-19 and lockdown changed many everyday experiences, including food shopping and consumption.  Ready-to-eat food delivery experienced a huge boost. This shift as well as a greater focus on health and safety has made many in the fast food and online food delivery industry review their packaging requirements.

Over the last 18 months Chadwicks has seen a growing interest from fast food outlets in lidding and sealing equipment for condiments.

Most recently Chadwicks’ sealing equipment partner, Seal it Systems, installed a sealing machine at a fast food restaurant chain, Mahmoods, with pre-cut, printed lids supplied by Chadwicks.

Tariq Mahmood said the following about the investment: “We compete with high street chains in terms of quality, value for money, cleanliness and professionalism so being able to offer our own branded and securely sealed condiments is very important, and even more so since Coronavirus. It was a significant investment for the business, but we’ve never looked back. It is much more efficient; it has helped with branding and importantly customers can be assured of the integrity of the product inside.”