aluminium lidding for Raglan Food Co

We are pleased to share that New Zealand plant-based yoghurt manufacturer Raglan Food Co has recently launched its new snackable coconut yoghurt range, packaged in paperboard pots and sealed with pre-cut aluminium lidding from Chadwicks. 

Working closely with Raglan Food Co, we were able to provide die-cut aluminium lids that perfectly fit the existing tub sizings. While one size aligned with standard measurements, the other size didn’t, which could have resulted in the need for additional expense to acquire a cutting tool that would fit the non-standard size. However, we had suitable tooling available that closely matched the required dimensions, saving valuable time and money. 

At Chadwicks we have access to over 300 cutting tools so, although we may not always have the exact size and shape that a customer is looking for, we often have something very similar, as was the case with Raglan Food Co.

Alissa Kamp, Supply Chain Specialist at Raglan Food Co said: “Transitioning away from glass jars to paperboard pots for this new range wasn’t a decision we took lightly and making sure we had the right suppliers to support us was crucial. Chadwicks provided great customer service and support throughout and we are delighted with the finished product”

If you want to find out more about Raglan Food Co’s decision to opt for paperboard cups instead of glass jars you can watch the video with co-founder Tesh Randall here