Pre-cut lidding manufacturer, Chadwicks, in collaboration with plastic engineering specialist, Tekplas, has developed a spoon-in-lid solution for the infant formula market in New Zealand, Australia and East Asia.

In a departure from traditional packaging, which involves placing the scoop spoon inside the can of formula, this solution incorporates a plastic spoon securely sealed within the over-lid, with a transparent die-cut lid provided by Chadwicks.

The over-lid and scoop are injection-molded by Tekplas, and all the components of the packaging including the aluminum can, over-lid, scoop, and die-cut lid, are fully recyclable.

“The issue with the existing packaging is that the scoop becomes submerged within the contents of the can. By partnering with Chadwicks, we have introduced a significantly more user-friendly and accessible solution, explained Scott Laurence Tekplas’ General Manager. “Consumers can simply open the over-lid, peel away the clear pre-cut lid, and have the scoop spoon readily available for use.”

John Harrison, Technical Sales Manager for Australia/New Zealand at Chadwicks, added, “Packaging must combine functionality and user-friendliness to meet customer expectations, and the key to achieving this is through collaboration and innovation. While this application of a die-cut lid is a novel approach for both Chadwicks and Tekplas, it has already proven to be highly effective.”

Tekplas is a renowned plastic engineering specialist, with the only facility in New Zealand that offers plastic molding within an ISO Class 7 clean room environment. For more information, please visit Tekplas Website.