Being a manufacturer of pre-cut lidding Chadwicks’ supplies packaging to many different types and sizes of businesses, including business start-ups and it’s always rewarding when we get the opportunity to assist a new venture, like Collagen Booster.

The Collagen Booster journey began in 2018 when one of the founders faced chronic gastrointestinal issues. Despite extensive medical tests, the cause remained elusive. Introducing collagen-rich bone broth and intermittent fasting into her daily routine alleviated her symptoms and improved her appearance. However, the time-consuming process of making bone broth led to the development of Collagen Booster, a convenient powdered collagen solution.

After coming up with the ideal product, the next hurdle was determining the most suitable packaging. Collagen Booster settled on a cylindrical cardboard tube as the housing for the product. However, finding a lid that was sealed effectively proved to be quite a challenge. When the customer contacted us, we conducted several trials and developed a successful lidding solution – an aluminium lid with a PE laminate for sealing to paperboard pots. Our partner company, Seal it Systems, supplied Collagen Booster with an MK1 hand sealer and assisted with the initial sealing trials.

Sadiya Lincoln, Director at Collagen Booster explains: “Before working with Chadwicks, we explored several avenues, but it was challenging finding the right type of seal that would work with our cylinder cardboard packaging. We had considered switching to plastic packaging, which would have been a last resort for us. It was only when we approached Chadwicks that we were able to find a solution.

“Their support was brilliant in identifying our needs and working with us to find a suitable solution that works with our packaging. They were happy to support a range of trials, which was instrumental in helping us find the right sealing solution to our cardboard packaging. Our experience working with them has been exceptional from service to delivery.”

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