Aluminium Lids

Aluminium lids or foil lids offer a proven established technology for sealing to all container types including PS, PP, PE and PET.  It is a completely recyclable and endlessly renewable material.

As a lidding material, aluminium offers a number of advantages, making it perfect for use on many product types.

The versatility of a die cut aluminium lid can sometimes make it hard to find an alternative using another material.

Aluminium lidding offers a total barrier against water vapour and oxygen transmission as well as blocking out light and aroma making it ideal for sensitive products or those which require an extended shelf life.

The metallic appearance can be integrated into the design to create eye-catching design effects and embossing of logos or patterns such as fine linen or random grubbing.

Recessed lidding solutions that incorporate special applications such as “spoon-in-lid” can be easily achieved when using aluminium material for hot fill products.

Aluminium’s flexibility is also apparent when pre-perforated for use as multi-pack lidding.

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Chadwicks aluminium lids

Customised Aluminium Lidding

Alu foil lids can be customized to feature a bespoke emboss that highlights your brand’s identity. Various emboss patterns, such as fine linen, can add a pleasant tactile feel to the lids and enhance the overall quality of the packaging.

The bespoke embossing can also be tailored to include a company logo or graphic on all aluminium lids. This type of embossing works just like a standard emboss, but it provides a distinctive and eye-catching way to personalize your lids.

Technical specifications
Gauge: .029 / .037 / .048 / .060
Embossing: Random grub; fine linen; customer specific (logo). One way pin dot (Not available on .029 aluminium).

Heat Seal Lacquer Foil Lids

When it comes to packaging perishable products, like yogurt, yellow fats, and creams, an aluminum lid with a heat-seal lacquer is an ideal option.

And as not all products are the same, special lacquers are also available for more aggressive products such as cheese.

The heat-seal lacquer is designed to work with an array of pots and containers, including PP (polypropylene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and PS (polystyrene).

Aluminium lids heat seal lacquer
Aluminium lids_Chadwicks-lids_ann foreshaw yogurt

Extrusion Coated Aluminium Lids

Aluminum with a co-ex sealing layer is a better and more eco-friendly alternative to heat-sealed lacquered material. This is because extrusion coated materials do not use solvents in the heat seal layer.

The thin plastic sealing layer also offers ‘easy’ low-temperature sealing and provides increased protection for aggressive products. Certain specifications of this material are also suitable for hot fill and retort applications.

In addition to this, Surlyn (heat seal to glass co-ex) can be used to seal both glass and tin.

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