QR codes on die-cut lidding

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Using QR codes on die-cut lidding can turn your lids into a powerful marketing tool. Here’s how: 1. Simplify Information Access QR codes remove the need for tiny print when providing essential information about a product. Consumers can access additional details about your product by scanning the QR code on the die-cut lid. Whether it's nutritional information, usage instructions, or other relevant details, QR codes streamline information access, providing a user-friendly experience. 2. Engage with [...]

Spoon-in-Lid Solution for Infant Formula Packaging

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Pre-cut lidding manufacturer, Chadwicks, in collaboration with plastic engineering specialist, Tekplas, has developed a spoon-in-lid solution for the infant formula market in New Zealand, Australia and East Asia. In a departure from traditional packaging, which involves placing the scoop spoon inside the can of formula, this solution incorporates a plastic spoon securely sealed within the over-lid, with a transparent die-cut lid provided by Chadwicks. The over-lid and scoop are injection-molded by Tekplas, and all the [...]

Lidding for M&S flavoured cream

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with our lidding for Langage Farm’s newly launched exclusive Speculoos flavoured thick cream produced for M&S. The 50 micron PET lidding was printed four colours with pin dot embossing, and provides a secure seal for the luxury cream. Quality packaging is important to the success of any new product, particularly when it’s a premium brand and we are delighted that Langage Farm chose to work with Chadwicks.

Flexibles supplier analysis

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Packaging News caught up with Alastair Bearman, Sales and Marketing Director at Chadwicks, along with four other flexible packaging specialists, to get their views on the state of the flexibles market, and the challenges and issues companies are facing in 2022. Alastair says: “Trading was buoyant in 2021. We exceeded our 2021 forecasts and grew the business by over 5 percent.  In some areas such as food service trading was down, but this was more [...]

Continuity of production and supply

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Operating in a niche market such as die cut lids means that we are one of very few producers with the right manufacturing experience and expertise. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we are able to guarantee our customers continuity of production and supply and robust contingency planning when unforeseen circumstances happen and during periods of economic uncertainty. As part of the Clondalkin group of companies, Chadwicks is uniquely positioned to collaborate with its [...]

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