Paper Based Lidding

Paper based pre-cut lids offer an environmentally friendly option.  All of the raw material paper used in the lids comes from sustainable sources. Paper based lids are fully recyclable and have a low carbon footprint.

Paper based lidding offers good protection against oxygen transmission and water vapour (humidity), as well as blocking out aromas making it suitable for sensitive products.

The high mechanical strength and superior stiffness afforded by paper based lids means they offer great resilience to puncture and tearing ensuring the integrity of the product throughout the supply chain.

In terms of printing; paper based lids offer excellent printability and optical properties.

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Laser Score Pour Spout

The laser score or drinking aperture die cut lid from Chadwicks is a single web PET die cut lid with a peel aperture.

Developed in response to the drive to remove drinking straws, the peel aperture is ideal for drinking on the go.  It can also be used for pouring without removing the entire lid and can be customised to individual customer requirements.

Available in clear or white PET printed or unprinted, the laser score pour spout lid can be branded as required.

Suitable for all types of pre cut lidding machinery, switching to the laser score pour spout lid is easy, as there is no customer investment required.

Chadwicks-lids_laser score
printed lids

RPET Lidding

RPET lidding is an exciting advancement in recycling post-consumer and industrial waste. It is made up of over 30 percent recycled raw material content which significantly reduces its carbon footprint and helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

It has the same optical properties as standard white or clear PET films and can be used with all types of pre-cut lidding machinery. In addition, it provides excellent barrier properties and delivers the same performance as standard PET lids.

Unique Coding/Mirror Print Lids

A unique code is printed on the surface of the lid and is only revealed when the lid is peeled back.

Neither the quality of the design or functionality of the lid are compromised, and because the ink is not printed in direct contact with the product, there is no risk of product contamination or food safety concerns.

This reverse mirror print effect can also be used for the inclusion of further promotional information, competitions and other marketing opportunities.Or by adding a QR code, the product can be enhanced further by directing customers to websites or other online resources through their smartphones./span>


UV HD Flexo Printing

UV HD Flexo printing offers a print quality finish similar to “gravure” printing, but at a much lower cost due to the use of plateless technology. UV cured inks enable printing of very small dot sizes resulting in high-definition imagery and text.

This technology is highly cost-effective for small to medium print runs, due to faster setup times and lower production costs per unit. 

Overall, UV HD Flexo printing offers a perfect balance of high-quality printing and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice for businesses across various industries. This technology provides the means to achieve exceptional print results without compromising on budget or efficiency.