UV block shrink sleeves

Light Blocking Shrink sleeve

A shrink sleeve label with built-in light blocking protection. Light transmission rates are less than one percent. It allows customers to downgauge the bottle thickness and titanium oxide (TiOx) percentage.

Shrink sleeves with UV block technology offer extended shelf life. They provide vitamin and colour protection, as well as off-taste reduction making them ideally suited to food and beverage and dairy products. Other applications include health and beauty, home and garden and household products.

They also offer outstanding printability and optical properties.

Extended Area Shrink Sleeve

The extended area shrink sleeve allows the customer to add a further dimension to the sleeve without impacting on the design or original container size. The fold-out design of the shrink sleeve allows customer to add additional marketing and multi-language information above the standard print area.

The extended area shrink sleeve is usable on most shrink sleeve applications.

perforated-Shrink-sleeve_Chadwicks of Bury

PCR Shrink Sleeve

The post-consumer recycled content (PCR) shrink sleeve helps reduce landfill waste, greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

The PCR does not impact on the quality of the finished product which means that the film clarity, print quality and shrinkage properties are exactly the same as would be found in standard PET shrink sleeve film material.