Shrink Sleeves

  • High quality print decoration
  • Maximum shelf impact and consumer appeal
  • Shorter runs and lead times
  • 360 degree, top to toe decoration
  • Decoration of unusual shapes
  • Suitability for all substrates (metal, glass and plastic)
  • Low origination costs
  • Incorporate tamper evidence with decoration
  • Promotional message can be printed inside the shrink label
  • UV HD Flexo print quality

Shrink sleeves make sense for branding and functionality

Shrink sleeves can be designed specifically to your product to ensure that it stands out on the shelves.  We have been a leader in the production of sleeves for many years and produce consistently excellent quality sleeves time and again.

Shrink sleeves can be applied to almost any shape package

The flexibility offered by the various materials as well as the shrink process for shrink sleeves means that regardless of the shape of your container it is likely that a shrink sleeve will offer a great solution.

With a top to toe 360 degree branding opportunity, shrink sleeves allow your product to take advantage of our proven UV HD Flexo print quality plus they can be applied to any substrate.  In addition, we can incorporate tamper evidence, promotional messaging (inside the sleeve) and sequential numbering.

Furthermore, our production flexibility and low origination costs allow sleeves to be printed competitively even at low volumes.

high quality shrink sleeves
Shrink sleeves_Chadwicks_John west

Multipack shrink sleeves

The use of multipack shrink sleeves and labels as a high profile promotional tool has helped increase the sales of many major brands throughout the FMCG sector. Chadwicks’ Shrink Sleeves success in this market is based on our ability to offer short leadtimes combined with low cost origination which are essential requirements for the contract packing operations that usually co-ordinate these projects on behalf of major brand owners.

Promotional / Multipack sleeves offer the following benefits:

  • Point of sale appeal
  • On pack promotional messages
  • Difficult pack combinations
  • Accommodate awkward shapes and different sized articles
  • 360 degree branding
  • Competitions
  • Cover and print barcodes
  • Promotional message can be printed inside the sleeve
  • Low origination costs
  • Shorter runs and leadtimes
  • Twinpocket sleeves available

Tamper evident shrink sleeves

Chadwicks Shrink Sleeves tamper evident sleeves and labels help protect your customers, your brand and your reputation by providing a tight seal over the closure of a bottle or container.

Because shrink sleeves and shrink labels fit tightly to any pack they are an ideal method to ensure products are protected providing reassurance to you and your customers. The incorporation of a perforated tear strip makes the sleeve easy to remove but virtually impossible to replace.

The benefits of tamper evident shrink sleeves and labels include:
• Prevent malicious poisoning and grazing
• Printed or low cost plain sleeve option
• Specialist perforations to ease removal
• Very durable
• 360 degee print area for addition of promotional message
• UV ‘impregnated’ sleeves available to aid detection of missed application
• Colour match to any pantone colour
• Suitable for use with all substrates (metal, glass and plastic)
• Coloured tear tapes available
• Incorporate holographic strips to protect brand identity

perforated-Shrink-sleeve_Chadwicks of Bury

Sleeve and seal

Chadwicks’ ‘sleeve & seal’ innovation combines the benefits of the decorative sleeve and tamper evidence in one application.

Offering reduced inventory to brand owners it appeals not only on a cosmetic level with the option of 360 degree top to toe decoration, but also as a cost effective solution. The ‘sleeve & seal’ gives customers a choice of specialist perforations.

Either using ‘T-perforations’ to assist with the easy removal of the neck seal leaving the primary shrink label still in place.Or, ‘twin vertical’ perforations which combined with a recycleable choice of film allow the full removal of the decorative sleeve from the container.

‘Sleeve and Seal’ is the perfect choice for offering:

• 360 degree top to toe decoration with tamper evidence
• ‘T-perforations’ to aid the easy removal of the neck seal
• ‘Twin vertical’ perforations to enable full removal of sleeve for recycling
• 2 x processes in 1 application
• Extra protection for ‘button cap’ lids
• Reduced inventory for brand owners
• Option to have clear areas on sleeve for product visibility